Learn to better handle your child's

big emotions.

Raising Calm and Capable Kids
Online Parent Training

Gain proven strategies to end meltdowns, tantrums, and explosive behaviors.

You're a great parent.

And now the time has come to:

    • Reduce fighting, yelling, and frustration at home. 

    • Learn what’s going on in your child’s brain that causes them to lose control and gain practical strategies to help your child calm down. 

    • Step-by-step guidance to handle strong willed, spirited, even explosive behaviors. 

    That is what this 8 week parent training is all about.


    ** This parent training is appropriate for parents of all kids -- and is appropriate for parents of kids who may have Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Giftedness, Reactive Attachment Disorder, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. 

    • 8 Training Videos

      You'll get access to eight videos (60 minutes) as soon as you register.  Each video has three chapters: Education, Action Steps, and Troubleshooting. Watch in one sitting or pause and come back when you're ready for more. 

    • New Techniques

      Each video will provide you with a new technique to use with your child, and quickly build up your skills, giving you the confidence to continue.

    • On Your Schedule

      We make it easy for you to listen to the training all at once, or one video every week or two, so that it works for your schedule. You can listen in the car or the kitchen, or download it to your phone and listen when you are on a walk or at the gym.

    • Visual Reminders

      Print off the 120+ page workbook with detailed notes on key concepts and clear action steps.  Post our At-A-Glance documents on your fridge for an easy visual reminder of what technique you want to practice that week.  

    Curriculum Overview

    • Pillar 1: Calm the Fire

    • Pillar 2: Avoid Hidden Landmines

    • Pillar 3: Happy Chemicals

    • Pillar 4: Red Light Parenting

    • Pillar 5: Positive Discipline Protocol

    • Pillar 6: Emotion Coaching

    • Pillar 7: Optimize Daily Routines

    • Pillar 8: Siblings and Social Skills

    Yes, you CAN handle your child's big emotions - let me show you how.

    You will receive access to eight video trainings, a 76 page workbook with key concepts and clear action steps, a 46 page workbook with At-A-Glance documents to post on your fridge for easy reference, and children’s Yoga Calm poses to improve self-control.

    Order today for only US$ 297.00​

    About Samantha Moe

    Certified Parent Coach

    After completing her Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota, Samantha set out to uncover the gifts of children with Autism. Combining a strong background in direct service to families with interdisciplinary training in sensory integration, play therapy, and emotional integration, Samantha now coaches parents of all types of children to help them calm, connect, and cooperate.


    Samantha speaks at statewide conferences for educators and professionals including the Minnesota Organization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Minnesota Council on Gifted and Talented, Autism Society of Minnesota, and Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health. Learn more at:

    Listen to Mom, Laura, share about how she now has positive experiences with her daughter.

    You, too, can Re-Engage, Re-Connect, and Make Up For Lost Time.

    What Parents Have to Say About the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ Training:

    The Mad2Glad Blueprint has helped our son's behaviors at school and home. He was getting in trouble everyday with hitting, meltdowns and transitions. The program taught us how to speak to Luke and understand how he processes things. I became a calmer, more encouraging parent, rather than always scolding and yelling. The Mad2Glad Blueprint is for anyone who is struggling with raising their kids! We now have peace in our home and Luke is thriving, both academically and socially! I wish I would have started this a long time ago.

    Anna D, Parent

    The Mad2Glad Blueprint helped my husband and I get on the same page with how to handle the kids in many situations. He does a better job controlling his temper and I don’t have to spend evenings feeling angry about that anymore.

    Nancy P, Parent

    I have 3 adopted children with quite a few emotional needs. The plan we learned from her is not only helpful with our children's specific needs but also our general parenting. If you have ever thought to yourself, "I just don't know how I am going to get through 'this phase'," this is definitely the program for you. It provides you with all of the simple tools to respond to any parenting situation. 

    Holly V, Parent

    Mad2Glad got us back on track as a family during a time when it felt like we were spinning out of control. Every week we had a tangible lesson and homework to focus on, one building on top of the last. It never felt overwhelming or impossible because of how Samantha breaks down her strategies into manageable pieces. This program was encouraging and helped keep us from feeling like we were "doing it wrong" or messing up somehow. Mad2Glad's approach is positive and like a breath of fresh air when we felt so overwhelmed.

    Kari V, Parent

    Yes, you are a great parent.
    And you can learn how to handle your child's big emotions.
    Let me show you how.

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