Adjust Your 2020 Vision: 

Making the Most of the Lessons Learned


Wednesday, Aug 5th, 2020
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm CDT


Wondering what to do next?  You can contribute in a way that feels meaningful and makes you happy.


I'll show you how.

Don’t know what to do next? Clarity is right around the corner! If 2020 has taught us anything it is that the impossible is possible.  Discover how to make the leap from work that no longer brings you joy to something that utilizes your talents and provides deep fulfillment.  If you’re tired of swirling thoughts, give me an hour and you’ll walk away with clarity and confidence on how to live your best life moving forward.


What we’ll talk about: 

  • The hard 2020 lessons learned in child-related professions

  • How to use these lessons as a turning point and let go of what you no longer enjo

  • Getting clear on what you are NOW called to do--and giving yourself permission to do

  • Ways to move forward feeling supported and confident 


This conversation is specifically designed for child- and family-service professionals who value meaningful work AND want to contribute in ways that make you happy (it might not be virtually!).

Your Host

Certified parent coach and speaker Samantha Moe has coached parents on how to help their children calm, connect, and cooperate since 2004. She now provides continuing education, advanced training, and parent coach certification for family service professionals who support intense kids and their families. Samantha is the creator of the Mad to GladTM Blueprint, a revolutionary brain-and-nervous-system-based approach to positive communication and parenting that works to soothe and even preempt intense kids’ most challenging behaviors. She holds a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and possesses a background in interdisciplinary training in sensory integration, play therapy, and emotional integration. 

And Co-Host

Summer Picha is a Mad to GladTM certified parent coach and mastermind/business coach at Samantha Moe and Associates.  As a Montessorian who founded three schools and trained 90+ child professionals she knows it is essential to start business off on the right foot by knowing what is important to you.  Summer helps entrepreneurs clarify their dreams, break it down into manageable action steps, and successfully make a difference -- while enjoying the process!

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